Books By Me

Casters Book 1 (Working Title)

Genre – Young Adult Fantasy

Status – Complete First Draft

Word Count – 58,010 words

Casters Synopsis

Sera is nearly sixteen years old and has never left the village; no one leaves the village. Since the war between the mortals and witches, magic has been extinct and only the village remains. In school they’re taught how evil witches were and any mention of the word magic outside of class results in severe punishment. On her sixteenth birthday Sera discovers a cat in her bedroom and is filled with dread. A cat is a witch’s familiar and Sera has always been told that they died along with the witches. To make matters worse, Sera dreams of a woman, she’s never seen before, performing magic. The following day her dream comes true and the woman, Rhia, tells Sera that magic is very much alive and it runs through Sera’s veins. Rhia warns her that now Sera’s sixteen her magic is activated and it won’t be long before the Sorceress’ army sense her power and comes looking for her. Sera discovers that outside of the village there is a whole world of magic and a war is commencing between good and evil. With the help of Rhia and her other guardian, Aeddan, Sera must train for battle. Soon she discovers that the war is more to do with her than she ever realised.

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