About Me


Hello! My name is Steph H Barker (really my surname Harrison-Barker but that’s a bit of a mouth full) and I’m 26 years old. In my spare time I write novels and short stories. I tend to write young adult fiction, but also dabble in adult romance and chick lit.

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband Lewis and we currently have our first baby on the way (nicknamed Bean). Bean should be arriving in June 2016. I’m excited and terrified in equal measure about being a Mum. I’m just so worried I’ll suck at it.


I’m originally from Wales and miss it every day. I’m definitely a home girl at heart. That said me and my husband love to travel together and one of our favourite places is Orlando, Florida. Of course that’s because it’s home to Disney World and Universal Studios. It was a dream come true seeing the new Harry Potter areas of Universal Studios; I geeked out in a massive way.


I work full time as an Administrator in a university but enjoy reading, eating and acting in plays. I decided to start this blog as a place to keep note of my writing journals. 



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